Retirement planning

retirement planning

Retirement may seem a long way off, but if you are between the ages of 55 and 60, you may be able to commence transitioning to retirement. These strategies provide flexible options that incorporate your slow down from work in the years ahead as you move closer towards retirement.

Is your super working as hard as you do?

Transition to Retirement allows you to take small steps as you move away from the full-time work into retirement. Where previously, super couldn’t be accessed until the age of 65, current legislation provides several options that give you the flexibility to use your super as a tool to plan and live the life you want until you ultimately retire.

Perhaps you’d like to step back to fewer hours but keep building your super nest egg? Maybe you want to access some of your super to top up your income now? Or perhaps you would like to keep working while building your super balance? The worker-saver option could help you do that and could give you some super pre-retirement tax savings too.

To get your pre-retirement plan underway and ensure you’re well set up for retirement when the time comes, talk to Your Wealth Team today.